this is a good website i promise

i should probably plan this instead of just wasting bandwith on some disgusting californians' servers, but everyone needs dumping grounds. Not just metaphorically, i.e. for one's mental diarrhea that starts making the water hole stinky, but also physically, shit has to go somewhere, preferably not a place where it can find a home inside us once more. Considering this is updated as often as i remember it exists, i might need to crap more. It's starting to stink up my place.

if you cant tell by know that i love full witdth romanji then buckle up buckaroo

i could use markdown to make this quicker and easier, but converting then is a hassle and i have to install gentoo in here and who knows what else, so editing this in a browser editor with no vim key support and a god-awful interface is today's situation. I should also be helping the 彼 to study ts elliot but i've been reading for an hour now and my head is hurting. Art should be self-explanatory; if your visual masterpiece of a painting requires me to read a paragraph of ass-sniffing pretentious prose then it's shit. Same goes for writing, you shouldnt need a mess of a website with a shitton of hyperlinks and frames to try and explain your oh-so-clever references to other stuff. Your poem should be a joy to read on its own without an internet connection.

if i write n i g g e r in here will i get in trouble

do you think black people chimp out with the n word because there's no equivalent for the other races

i mean its kinda understandable id be mad too if even the language you "speak" and """""read""""" dont like you

i should probably retake that codecademy course on html because i'll need a big fucking refresher for university projects. hey remember when i had a big panic attack and rambled psychotically in here because there were roasties nearby those were the days lol